Olya Slam
We Are.. Born To Win.
if I had been here, i would have held your hands in my
and other reasons why I dying
you would know, more than obvious facts

but u always forgot
and i was here behind your back
i had tried to protect
you from distress
but nobody heard my pray

if I had been here may be
i wouldn't give up, but i'm give up now
and if i could to trust my heart, i hadn't given up

may be its all, isn't so hard
but your home isn't mine, isn't mine

and i always forgot,
but u was here, behind my back
u had tried to protect my life
from other sides my mind
but i give up,

I wasn't attentive to hear your pray
may be it's all, won't be so hard
but now you know, I wasn't forget about you
and you hear my pray
I hear your pray
only for your
and we have hearts of gold

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